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Natascha Weedon

My name is Natascha. I am a Believer in the dream, Networker, Connector, Entrepreneur and host/organizer of C4-Explosive Networking.
My passion lies in connecting with and serving people who want to create a life by design.

The Wealth Thru Wellness Project (WTWP) is a unique investment strategy to show people how to create an income producing asset thru wellness solutions. We work with people who highly value their health & well being, their financial security, and have a collaborative community orientation.

This "out of the box" Investment strategy allows one to manage their health and benefit financially through community building and a unique compensation strategy to create both upfront and residual income that doesn't require selling, getting another job, or investing a lot of money. What if "financial burden" was no longer a part of your life? What could you do? Be? Have?
I'd love to share this gift with you and explore if it's a fit for you.

Wellness & Wealth Executive

Phone:  240-423-4733


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